The Secrets To Gain And Retain Sponsorship For Young Athletes - Karen Smythe

The Secrets To Gain And Retain Sponsorship For Young Athletes

By Karen Smythe

  • Release Date: 2014-12-07
  • Genre: Reference


A 'how to' for young athletes (and their parents) to gain sponsorship to jump start their sporting career.

Many young athletes do not have the opportunity to advance their sporting career without the support of sponsors or other fundraising options. Some talented young athletes have had to give up their sporting career due to a lack of funding and consequently they are unable to perform at higher levels in their sport.

Parents are often the sole supporters of their child’s sporting career and many parents put their life savings into supporting their young athlete, to give them the opportunity to represent their country. In this book, we will share the following with you:

•How to set your sponsorship target
•What type of sponsorship should you aim for
•Who should you approach for sponsorship
•How to network with potential sponsors
•How to prepare the sponsorship proposal
•The importance of following up the sponsorship proposal
•The importance of the thank you letter
•Communicating with your sponsor is the essence of a good relationship
•How to promote your sponsor to ensure ongoing sponsorship
•How to stay out of trouble and protect your reputation and your sponsor’s reputation
•Why do businesses sponsor young athletes
•Other options to support your sporting career

Some athletes lose their sponsorships due to stupid mistakes they have made because they didn’t realise the consequences of their actions. We will let you know how to improve the relationship with your sponsor and how to act professionally at all times to guarantee the retention of your sponsorship.

Today, sport is a business and as a young athlete, your business starts very early in life. Young athletes are expected to be professional. Professionalism as far as sponsorship is concerned, starts prior to sending a letter to a potential sponsor. It starts with your behaviour on and off the sporting field, even as a young athlete. This book is about gaining sponsors to excel in your sporting career and achieve the goals you want to achieve.