Falling Away - Jasinda Wilder

Falling Away

By Jasinda Wilder

  • Release Date: 2015-01-06
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 93 Ratings


My name is Benjamin Dorsey. You know my mom and dad’s story. You know Kylie’s parents’ story. You even know Kylie’s story.

You don’t know mine, yet.  

You don’t know what a broken heart is until you’ve loved someone your whole life, only to have her slip through your fingers because you waited too long. That’s heartbreak. That’s regret. And how do you live with that? How do you go through the motions when she’s there as a reminder of what you lost, of what you could have had but were too damn chicken to go after? I couldn’t. So I left. 

That’s right, I ran away. I found myself across the continent, playing minor league football. I mean, at least I still had football, right? 

Nope. That got taken away from me too. A career-ending injury left me down-and-out, scraping the bottom of the barrel, hating myself and hating life. And then I met Cheyenne Leveaux, my physical therapist, who became my one and only friend, the one bright light in the darkness of my messed up life.

But of course nothing is ever simple, or easy. 

Tragedy struck, and the rug was swept out from under me yet again, and this time the guilt, the doubt, the secrets, and the old heartbreak may threaten my one chance at true happiness, my one shot at my own happily ever after.


  • Falling Away

    By Innesshan
    I discovered the writing of Jasinda Wilder as I was about to give up on the idea that there must be some well written, really hot, erotica in the world. Glad I didn't give up. I plan to read every one of her books. I only hope she keeps writing fast enough that I don't run out of reading material!
  • Loved!

    By lcarr
    I love this woman's writing style! I got so pulled into this story that I felt like I was a part of it... Like I was watching a movie unfold instead of reading one, every book she writes gets better and better. You can feel the genuine love in the story and just know she's living it... That she has true love in her life.. So much talent. If you love a good sexy erotic love story this is definitely the one for you. The drama feels real and not over done, the love is felt as you read it. I just loved it. I feel like I know these people and for one am going to miss there stories
  • Perfect Ending!

    By TahoeSugarPine721
    The Falling series has been one of my favorites since I first read Falling Into You! That book has to go down as an all time favorite. Each book in the series has added more depth to an already great story. I am sadden that Falling Away was the end of the series but as they say, all good things must come to an end. To finally see Ben's story come full circle makes the ending so much easier. "Sometimes the hardest things are the simplest". Echo has as much to heal from as Ben and the road is hard ... "no man is an island, entire of itself; ever man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main. We're all part of a whole..." Something everyone needs to remember. This book leaves you in a place of completeness and with the feeling of a story well told. I am so anxiously awaiting Brayden's story. Jasinda Wilder is an amazing author and songwriter. Her song Falling Into You is the perfect companion to her series. She is so multi-talented that it is mind blowing.
  • Falling Away is simply captivating, beautiful, sexy, and emotionally charged, from beginning to end.

    By Brandi(:
    This is a perfect conclusion to one of my absolute favorite series ever written. Falling Away is simply captivating, beautiful, sexy, and emotionally charged, from beginning to end. A uniquely written story so powerful and compelling it traps you from the very start. Jasinda's writing is absorbing and it flows without pause, time transitions effortlessly, and the story builds gracefully, layer upon layer awakening your every desire while forcing you to feel. The brilliancy that is Jasinda Wilder definitely flows into this final addition of the Falling series. Like its predecessors, Falling Away is meant to be felt. And feel is what I did. I felt every feel, experienced every emotion, absorbed every thought, and lived every moment. It brought a level of intimacy demanding to be felt. We are introduced to some truly unique and refreshingly original characters, and Jasinda happily prepares us a front-row seat right into the center of their lives. And of course we're reunited with the epitome of Mr. Right, Mr. Tall, Dark and Beautiful, Mr. Benjamin Freaking Dorsey, the son of Tennessee Titan's wide-receiver, Jason Dorsey and his lovely wife Becca, godson of music extraordinaries, Colt and Nell Calloway. He's the guy every girl wanted but couldn't have because he was patiently waiting his entire flipping existence for his lifelong best-friend, Kylie Calloway, to profess her not-so-undying love for him... Fast-forward months and months and an open road to nowhere, a career-ending blow to the knee, an unwanted twist-of-fate, a break in the earth's core that seriously disrupts reality and depletes all hope you once had. A colossal moment so profound, so abrupt it leaves your mouth agape. The type of tragedy we've all learned to expect from Mrs. Jasinda Wilder. Enters the unabashed, Texas-born beauty, Echo Leveaux. Echo is not your typical heroin. Not in the least! She's head-strong and beautifully broken, showing no desire for repair. It's no surprise misery likes company, and Ben and Echo share mutual demons, and they're both battling the ugly repercussions of loves lost. Ben and Echo's connection is insanely fierce, hypnotic even. Their passion is downright HOT! Despite the heaviness of his grief and having the weight of the world on his shoulders Ben is so amazing, so perfect and in tune with Echo's needs and wants, both in and out of the bedroom. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, battles are loss, hearts are broken, reality simply changes it's course. Those once paired by fate, are separated by choice. New struggles are born, secrets are revealed, and lives drastically change. The author kept me on my toes and brought in the unexpected which I absolutely LOVED! Music not only sets the stage for this book it also plays an important role in the lives of both Ben and Echo. Jasinda so effortlessly incorporates original, soulful lyrics into their story making this book even more brilliant. The author also created a stunning playlist for the book as a whole. It's truly amazing and must be heard. The alternating POVs allowed me to delve deep, basking in rooted thought and emotion on both sides. I knew what they knew, I felt their joys, I felt their pain, I cried their tears. I felt fully connected to their every emotion. The story is a well-paced page-turner and is laid-out brilliantly never allowing for a dull moment. I'm quite confidant in saying this book, this entire series, delivers something to every reader regardless of genre preference.
  • A Perfect Ending to the Falling Series

    By Art, Books, & Coffee
    For those of you who have been with the Falling Series since the beginning, you will know how truly special these books are. The emotion, pain, and love that resides in the pages will no doubt stay with you long after you have finished the books. Because of her ability to truly develop her characters and put it all out there, Jasinda has created (in my humble opinion), the perfect end to this series. When the story opens we meet Benjamin Dorsey on his journey to nowhere and everywhere. He has “run away from home” while trying to out run his feelings for the girl who broke his heart. As he bounces around, he finally stays in one place where he begins to play football again. However, his bad luck still follows him and he is injured. Ben will no longer be able to play football and his life is turned upside down. Because of his injury, Ben meets Cheyenne, his physical therapist. He starts to feel like he has someone to talk to. She becomes a friend to him. Unfortunately, this does not last as long as he or the reader would want it to. A fatal accident causes him to loose another person in his life. It seems that just as Ben gets a bit of happiness, the universe takes it away just as quickly as it came in. But through each event, something good comes out of it. Though the loss of Cheyenne is heartbreaking, it does allow him to meet Echo, her daughter. Saddled with her own set of baggage, the two crash into each other. The story of Ben and Echo is one that pushes the boundaries a bit. There shouldn’t be this pull between them, but for some reason, each is exactly what the other needs. Ben and Echo have a chance to heal and move forward with their lives, but will it be together? Will Ben find is happily ever after? As the series takes its final bow, I can’t help but say, "Bravo! Jansinda, you did it again. You grabbed me from page one and didn’t let go until I was reading your final note to the readers." I know how special this series is to the author, but I think it might be just as special to those of us who have read the countless pages and learned all about the characters that are now part of our subconscious. These books are truly a gift to her readers. For those of you who want the short and sweet of it, here you go. Simply stated, this is a story about love, loss, and the possibility for second chances. It takes all the elements of a truly great story and melds them together in a way that leaves the reader satisfied and wanting more. I couldn’t put down this book and I don’t this you will be able to either.