Cool Characters for Kids, Ages 4-12 - Janet B. Milstein

Cool Characters for Kids, Ages 4-12

By Janet B. Milstein

  • Release Date: 2002-04-01
  • Genre: Performing Arts


Opening this book may cause you to become a famous movie star, adored by millions of fans and forced to sign autographs for the rest of your life! The curtain goes up, the spotlight is shining, and the stage is yours! The audience is waiting to be dazzled by the stars of tomorrow--and you could be one of them! Never before have talented, young actors been in such demand. Agents, directors, and managers are looking for something unique, something special. The characters in this book were created to showcase your talent and let your personality shine. They think like you, talk like you, and care about hte things that you do. Inside you will find 71 monologues, one-minute and under, that will make any audience sit up and listen, laugh, cry, or even cheer. Whether you're 4 or 12, short or tall, silly or spunky, this book is for you!