Who am I - Dr. T. M. P. Mahadevan

Who am I

By Dr. T. M. P. Mahadevan

  • Release Date: 1982-06-30
  • Genre: Hinduism
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About 1902 Sivaprakasam Pillai put several questions to the Maharshi and, since the Sage was not then speaking, they were answered in writing. These answers constitute the first set of instructions written by the Maharshi and remain the quintessence of all the teachings he gave thereafter. 
In short  and simple paragraphs the core of Maharshi’s spiritual path is presented here. Indeed Sri Ramana Maharshi insisted that the book should be sold at the lowest possible price so everyone can afford to buy the book.
Senior devotees of Sri Ramana Maharshi turn to this book whenever they are faced with any doubt in the spiritual path


  • All

    By Heapner
    The end of suffering is yours in the teaching in this little book.
  • Essence of Advaita Vedanta

    By TripuraRahasya
    This book offers a summary of Advaita Vedanta, the Hindu philosophy of Oneness or non-duality. The underlying concept is that the unchanging reality in us is the same as the unchanging reality in the universe around us. The clarifications that Sri Ramana provides are eye openers. We need to rise above the mind and body and realize that our true self is not the mind, body, senses or ego but the consciousness. Consciousness does not have birth or death; it does not have limitations and it is not imperfect. The key to understand is that the reader needs to use his mind to overcome the mind. We experience bliss everyday when we are in deep sleep stage. Our ego ; the different identities that we assume during the course of the wakeful state - I'm a citizen; I'm a dad; I'm a manager; I'm a Christian etc. all the roles and identities disappear during the deep sleep stage. Our senses are switched off, we don't feel the body and we don't engage the mind. For however long we experience it; we enjoy total bliss during the deep sleep stage. The bliss experienced in deep sleep can also be experienced during wakeful state if we cultivate the thought of ignoring our identity as this body, mind, senses and ego. The wakeful state then becomes as unreal as the dream state. We will continue to see the world as it is before but we don't react the way we used to earlier...we attain total detachment. The world appears like a movie in front of us. We are no longer part of it. We remain a witness and ever willing to help out those who are carried away with its delusion...
  • Who am I?

    By Wise Guide
    The true essence of wisdom--recognition of awareness, or consciousness, as source. This is all one needs to "know". Every thought afterward is merely noise. Silence becomes present, background and foreground merge. Duality ends. As Maharshi once said, this is the direct path. To the question, "Who am I?", the great silence responds, "You are me." This is The Book. No others required.