The Adventure of the Ancient Gods - Roman Forst, Paul Kuncl & Petra Vorechovska

The Adventure of the Ancient Gods

By Roman Forst, Paul Kuncl & Petra Vorechovska

  • Release Date: 2013-09-18
  • Genre: Children's Nonfiction


Are Zeus, his wife Hera and their companions on Mt.Olympus the only ancient gods you know? Have you never heard of the first deities of ancient Greece: Erebus, Nyx, Eros, Tartarus and Gaia? Do you know who the Titans were? And why Zeus' father, the Titan Cronos, ate his children? Who created people? Whose fault is it that there is not only happiness on Earth, but also woes and sorrow? Do you confuse the Greek and Roman gods? And did you know that the ancient Greeks had a god of stupidity?

If you didn't, this book is just the thing for you and, even more so, for your children. You will find many interesting, new facts in it. This illustrated interactive book fully utilizes the capabilities of your iPad. It is part of an extensive series of nonfiction books "The Adventure of ...".

It will entertain you and your children.
The Adventure of the Olympian Gods was also released and next books of the Ancient mythology series will follow soon.