The Big Cats of India - Ajay Jain

The Big Cats of India

By Ajay Jain

  • Release Date: 2012-09-07
  • Genre: Asia


India is big cat country.

Tigers, Lions and Leopards prowl the many forests spread across the country. They may have numbered in the tens of thousands at one time, but their population has fallen sharply in the last century. Estimates number Tigers at 1411 and Asiatic Lions at 411 while those for the Leopard are only guesses at a few thousand. 

You have to meet these cats in their natural environment to really appreciate what majestic creatures they all are. And you can never have enough of them - reason enough for going back again and again for safaris at India‚Äôs many reserves. Spotting is not always easy though - luck, time of the year and your guide play a big role. But no expert guarantees a sighting. While you may have frustrating days, you will feel like a successful treasure hunter when you do see any of the species. 

Flip through the pages to re-live some of my experiences  - and hope you have even better ones to share with me.