Long Nights and Streetlights - Peter Walkowiak

Long Nights and Streetlights

By Peter Walkowiak

  • Release Date: 2012-05-03
  • Genre: Photography
Score: 5
From 31 Ratings


Long Nights and Streetlights is a book made up of many years of work. The book consists mostly of destinations that I have driven to and is named after those long nights on the road.

The images inside are all different and range from the vast landscapes of Wyoming to the abandoned architecture of Detroit.

Film is a big part of my life and inside there are images from 35mm cameras all the way up to 6x7 medium format. The art of film is special and unique so I like to share it in its natural unedited state.

A collection of concert images taken from over 100 bands and selected out of thousands of images are included as well.

I feel so privileged to have been able to see these scenes and I do it all for the community. I love to share and I'd be honored if you would download my free book to support my work.


  • Beautiful!

    By tahoemud
    Wonderful work!
  • Fantastic!

    By Yellow-glasses
    I was absolutely blown away when I first went through this book on my iPad. Definitely worth a look through. Inspiring for other photographers out there.
  • Beauty is truth

    By Spoonsoon
    These images speak to the moment and go beyond. From bending light and color in digital images to the honesty of film Peter reward us with a truth. That truth is beauty. Beauty is all around us and Peter shares some incredible moments with us. I sincerely hope we will see more.
  • Thanks for sharing

    By 
    Peter Walkowiak's photographic journey is incredible and inspirational. Thanks for sharing Peter.
  • An impressive portfolio

    By AbramG
    I found Peter's work to be quite inspiring, and it is quite evident that he cares about the quality of the images he produces. As a photographer myself I can relate to the story of understanding the world behind the camera, and I truly look forward to seeing what else Peter will create in his lifetime. This book is absolutely worth the download, and I too would like to see his work get recognized and it deserves compensation! Thank you for sharing your life with the world Peter, it is wonderful to see the world through your eyes.
  • Rewarding

    By B3CK24
    Having this book to look through is a rewarding experience and a true treat. Peter, your work here is inspiring. I look forward to more and talking to you about it. Charge some $ for this. Seriously.
  • You're a fool if you don't download this

    By webseitz
    To compare this book to anything else would be a blunder. Peter's photography skills challenge those of Da Vinci, Beethoven, and Monet with each shutter click. His eyes capture each breathtaking moment as if you are standing in the scene as it takes place. This book deserves a nobel prize.
  • You need this book!

    By edwardnigma????
    This is literally the only book in my iBook library, and to be honest, do I need any others!? Peter's photos are breathtaking. Seriously, download this book.
  • Beautiful

    By jgaut05
    Some of the best photography I've ever seen.
  • Beautiful

    By L Rey
    Wow! Incredible...