Mrs. Mary Eales's receipts. (1733) - Mary Eales

Mrs. Mary Eales's receipts. (1733)

By Mary Eales

  • Release Date: 2007-03-03
  • Genre: Courses & Dishes


Take the Goosberries, nose and wash them, put to them as much Water as will almost cover them, and let them boil a Quarter of an Hour; then strain them thro’ a thin Strainer, or an Hair-Sieve, and allow to a Pint of Liquor a Pound and half of fine Sugar, sifted thro’ a Hair-Sieve; before you put in the Sugar, set the Liquor on the Fire, let it boil, and scum it; then shake in the Sugar, set it on the Fire again, and let it scald ’till all the Sugar is melted; then fill it into little Pots; when it is candy’d, turn it out on Glass; and when it is dry on one 5 Side, turn it again; if any of the Cakes stick, hold the Glass over the Fire: You may put some of this in Plates; and when it is jelly’d, before it candies, cut it out in long Slices, and make Fruit-Jambals.