Across China on Foot - Edwin John Dingle

Across China on Foot

By Edwin John Dingle

  • Release Date: 1972-01-01
  • Genre: Asia


The scheme. Why I am walking across Interior China. Leaving Singapore. Ignorance of life and travel in China. The China for the Chinese cry. The New China and the determination of the Government. The voice of the people. The province of Yuen-nan and the forward movement. A prophecy. Impressions of Saigon. Comparison of French and English methods. At Hong-Kong. Cold sail up the Whang-poo. Disembarkation. Foreign population of Shanghai. Congestion in the city. Wonderful Shanghai. Through China from end to end. From Shanghai, 1, 500 miles by river and 1, 600 miles walking overland, from the greatest port of the Chinese Empire to the frontier of British Burma.