A Diamond in My Pocket - Lorena Angell

A Diamond in My Pocket

By Lorena Angell

  • Release Date: 2011-05-27
  • Genre: Children's Fiction


**UPDATE** June 28th, 2014. I'm so grateful to my readers who've talked up and shared my book with their freinds! The influx of excitement over this series sure has kept me on my toes. The Unaltered Series is now an International Bestselling series and I couldn't be more thrilled. A new manuscript was uploaded 6/28/2014 with minor changes to punctuation and grammar to make for the best possible enjoyment for my readers.

A Diamond In My Pocket is an appealing mix of fantasy, science fiction, paranormal, urban, creatures, magic, and drama that appeals to all ages.

Sixteen-year-old Calli Courtnae surprisingly breaks the 100-meter world record at a high school track meet and is whisked off to Montana to train for Olympic tryouts. Upon arriving, however, she finds something totally unexpected. Her fellow athletes are secretive, mysterious, paranoid, uncommonly beautiful--and endowed with the same gift of superhuman speed she now exhibits. The truth, she learns, is she's the latest person to develop a rare DNA alteration, giving her unnatural speed. The facility will provide her safety while she adjusts to her new world, one that includes delivering packages for high profile clients.

When three fellow Runners are kidnapped by a clan of terrorist Healers, Calli is assigned to the team that must deliver a rare magical diamond in exchange for the hostages. She is just beginning to accept her new world when it's turned upside-down by a mysterious woman who privately gives Calli the real diamond, while the team leader is given a decoy. Almost immediately the magical diamond in Calli's pocket unleashes a startling range of supernatural powers and mind-reading abilities within her. Calli discovers a traitor in their midst and sees the tragic future of her companions. She also learns one of the boys ridiculously views her as his soul-mate because of a vision he'd been shown. While she knows her powers derive from the secret diamond in her possession, her companions do not, and Calli dreads the fast-approaching day when they will discover the truth--the day she hands the diamond over to the terrorists and parts with her powers.

Readers who enjoy teen fantasy, paranormal, science fiction, and action and fantasy adventure will like A Diamond in My Pocket, book one in The Unaltered Series. Many readers say the romance in the book is similar to Divergent by Veronica Roth. The fast-pace and action feels like The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, and readers especially respond well to the underdog rising up and succeeding, as in Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling.

What readers are saying:
"The last time I remember reading a book this suspenseful is when I read The Hunger Games series a couple years ago." - JohnstonLife (Amazon)

"I am a high school English teacher and am always looking for books to recommend to my students. This book goes to the top of the list!" - Robynne Leighe (Amazon)

"Lorena Angell has the formula for young adults and oldsters like me." Gary R. Casebeer "Montessorian, Retired"

"Great story, similar to the Percy Jackson series only with a female lead." -Amazon Customer

"I was swept away on a journey of mysteries and powers and young love. I feel the books are ageless even if it focuses on teenagers." - L. Fuqua (Amazon)

"I felt like it was a cross between Hunger Games & some Harry Potter. I have been recommending it to all the teens I coach & to some open minded adults. I couldn't put it down, the twists & turns keep you turning the pages. I loved the fantasy world it took me to, & how the real world blended." - Beth (Amazon)


  • Good story line and well-edited, but...

    By Luceagain
    The writing is stilted and undeveloped. This writer has a good imagination and with work, will hone her craft to be an excellent writer.
  • The best book ever can I get a shout

    By Luvinmiya
    The best book in the hole intier world
  • A diamond in my pocket

    By Jc postal
    A great read where good triumphs over evil. I cannot wait to read the next book.
  • Diamond in my pocket

    By PJSPhotogirl
    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I enjoyed the characters & the plot.
  • A diamond in my pocket

    By Chocoloco2468
    This book was amazing!! I'm always looking for interesting fantasy books that feel realistic and have content not just romance. This book was perfect and I enjoyed every minute. I didn't want it to end and I'm definitely going to buy the rest of the books in this series. I would love it if they could come out in paperbacks too so I could read them like regular books. This book was a fiction lover's dream. 😊😊😊
  • Wow!

    By SDA0212
    Love the way she shows how you can be selfishly selfless and care for others. The book was a wonderful smooth read. Have recommended it to all my library and teaching friends. Definitely on my kids summer reading list.
  • It was Good

    By bubbat12321
    I think the story line could me more dramatic and have a little bit more irony in it.But except for that, I think it was pretty good.
  • Magical Dismond

    By Grigo808
    I suppose in today's lazy world, it is better to sprinkle magic into a story to create logic and flow then to come up with a plot and force the mind to wander into the land of suspense and intrigue. This book would make a good tv series however !!
  • Amazing Read!

    By FrostyWitch
    This book is amazingly written and the best part it is a really good FREE book! I love the romance between Chris and Calli it is well written chemistry and the hateful roommate to her best friend on the compound is a really sweet story. I love how Calli grows during her experiences it kind of gives a life lesson too. She learns a lot and it ends with a beautiful ending.
  • Awesome

    By Ohyeahfun
    I thoroughly reading this book. It was entertaining and kept you wanting to know more. I highly recommend it !