Conventional Idiocy - Rick Sanchez

Conventional Idiocy

By Rick Sanchez

  • Release Date: 2010-09-07
  • Genre: Public Administration
Score: 3
From 36 Ratings


CNN anchor and TV news social media pioneer Rick Sanchez cuts through the bull to fearlessly share what Americans are really thinking.

It's time for the conventional idiots to wake up—because Americans have had enough. People in social networks are smashing the walls of partisan politics and traditional journalism—and things will never be the same. This is the new America-and Rick Sanchez is plugged in to the national conversation.

As the first national news anchor to combine traditional network news with the power of social-networking tools like Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook, CNN's Rick Sanchez doesn't just talk to Americans—he hears directly from them, unfiltered, every day. As Rick says, "It wasn't me talking. It was we talking."

Viewers tweet at Rick daily, so he knows they are sick of "conventional idiocy" like death panels, birthers, and blind partisanship. Luckily, Rick Sanchez is listening, and he's here to provide the takeaway.
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  • Hit and run

    By pfcinc
    I have hard time taking perspective from snide punk like Sanchez He comes off as uneducated. But the biggest problem is his callousness toward the innocent man he mowed down in a stadium parking lot while drunk. He left the scene and returned two hours later still drunk. The victim remain paralyzed for years and recently died. Google the story. It's heart wrenching. And Sanchez has been total scum about it. Don't buy this criminals book.
  • Not a bad book

    By Post31
    Sorry Rick is not white enough for most people but unlike most reports now days at least he says what's on his mind. This book is not the most interesting one out there but it is a good read and a good attempt at trying to express how America feels when we think no one is looking.
  • Ricky Boy

    By asdjklrobert
    Well done Laura... I particularly the way you start off with the ad hominem attacks, so someone has a valid reason to object to Mr Sanchez and gives a his own opinion but somehow he "obviously cannot think for himself....humm.... and the fact that Mr Sanchez is a Cuban-American is neither here nor there.
  • Love Rick Sanchez

    By Laura1224
    Whoever wrote the last review is simply an idiot fan of Fox news and can't think for themselves. Rick Sanchez is a thinking man with a unique perspective as a Cuban-American. Loved his book.