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The Effective Ketogenic Instant Pot Cookbook for 2

By Chef Effect

  • Release Date: 2018-11-11
  • Genre: Health & Fitness


The Effective Ketogenic Instant Pot Cookbook for 2

Struggling to lose weight?

Looking for a healthy diet that will help keep diseases at bay?

Why don't you try the popular ketogenic diet?

There's a good reason more and more people are getting into this diet program.

Also called the keto diet, the ketogenic diet was originally designed in the 1920s to help treat epilepsy. It was proven to be an effective form of treatment, particularly for childhood epilepsy.

Scientists soon discovered that its benefits extended beyond epilepsy treatment. It has also been found helpful in weight loss and the prevention of other diseases.

It's no surprise that the keto diet has become popular in recent years, especially among people who want to drop extra pounds.

If you'd like to give this diet a try but you're worried that you don't have the luxury of time to make elaborate dishes in the kitchen, here's the perfect cookbook for you. This cookbook is part of the Instant Pot Cookbook for 2 series. With this book, you can make amazing dishes that won't take too much time or effort, thanks to the Instant Pot.

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