Ketogenic Diet - Sarah Sparrow

Ketogenic Diet

By Sarah Sparrow

  • Release Date: 2017-04-18
  • Genre: Health & Fitness
Score: 4.5
From 107 Ratings


Sarah Sparrow

What is the ketogenic diet? Is it safe and will it help you lose weight? Is it something that

you can do on a long term to keep the weight off?

If you are want to learn about ketogenic diet and the benefits it can give to your body, this book

will give you all the answers you need to discern if this diet is for you or not.

Through this ketogenic diet guide, you can learn:

- What is ketogenic diet

- Why is it called the ketogenic diet

- What it does to the body

- What are its benefits

- What you must eat and not eat while on a ketogenic diet

- What are the short-term and long-term effects of the ketogenic diet

- What makes it different with other low-carb diets

- What misconceptions people have about the ketogenic diet

- and more!

Plus it comes with quick and easy recipes you can try to get you started on your Ketogenic Diet


  • Op-ed

    By AztecAlumTy
    This book is essentially a poorly written opinion piece. It's full of scientific claims but has only general references at best. The presence of incorrectly used words and poorly structured sentences show that this book wasn't edited or peer reviewed. After reading a few chapters it is my belief that this book is purely based on the author's opinion and light research relegating most, if not all, of its contents to pure conjecture. I understand that it takes a lot of work for someone to sit down and write a book so if I do review someone's work I will typically only do so if I have positive things to say. However, the claims in this book are downright dangerous, especially if a reader is new to keto and thinks this book is based in science. If, after reading this review, you still choose to read this book, please proceed with caution and realize that this is anything but a claims-based, peer reviewed work, or anything even close to it.
  • Really Basic...almost too basic

    By BayouCajun
    This seems like it is for someone who's never dieted before...and this type of diet more than likely isn't for those people. While the book is ok it rarely speaks to the eating and food portion of the 'diet' and reviews more what the diet is about in a sense of the lifestyle of keto. It compares the Keto-diet to other trendy diets which was good info but this book stops short about getting into the details of the keto diet and what you have to actually do on the keto diet. One more chapter unpacking the day to day details of keto foods and options would have given this book 2 more stars. Essentially you will get this book to learn about having a great diet support system around you and then you'll have to buy another book to tell you how to actually go on the keto diet.
  • Ketogenic Diet

    By 2New2NYC
    Good, simple, fast read with some tasty recipes to try if I can find some of those ingredients (Erythritol?)
  • Warning- Abusive Statements Within

    By Cailynq
    The editor of this book missed the mark. There are many emotionally charged statements in the book which borderline on abuse. They are off-handed statements which show the author's insensitivity or possibly their own negative self-image. I would not recommend anyone read this book. The waste of space comparing the ketogenic with other diets reminds me of middle-school student attempting to raise their essay word count. Boo!
  • Yeah

    By Trey#3
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