Into the Flames - Jennifer Bernard

Into the Flames

By Jennifer Bernard

  • Release Date: 2017-03-14
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 258 Ratings


A standalone novel in the Jupiter Point series…

To his wildfire hotshot crew, he’s Rollo—firefighter, loyal friend, lifesaver. To his family, he’s Rollington Wareham III, black sheep and heir to a banking fortune. But now that he’s turned thirty, Rollo knows his days of firefighting and freedom are over. He has responsibilities. Duties. Goodbye hotshots, hello boardroom—and a socially acceptable bride. This is absolutely the worst time to realize just how sexy and adorable his good friend Brianna is. 

Put her in a garden with some plants, and Brianna Gallagher knows just what to do. Send her on a date with an attractive man and things get awkward. Epically awkward. It’s a good thing she and Rollo are such great friends. It would be a total disaster if she started noticing his ripped physique and sculpted muscles. Kissing him is a definite no-no. As for falling into bed … well, that might be okay as long as they both know it’s a limited time deal. She doesn’t belong in his world, and he can’t stay in hers. No matter how much she’s falling for him. 

But fate has a way of changing people’s plans. When a family crisis follows Rollo to Jupiter Point, he turns to the one woman he trusts above all others. Throw in a disastrous visit to Manhattan, a bride hunt, and the world’s most awkward crush, and it will take a miracle to bring them together. Or a shocking event that puts Brianna’s life at risk ...


  • Into the Flames

    By jk(9
    Enjoyed the book.
  • Into the flames

    By IPMPH
    Very good author, characters that will pull you in a happily ever after, love this series.
  • Into The Flames

    By Jennysp122
    Absolutely fell in love with this story! I was thrilled when the characters hooked up but my stomach was in knots about their future. I related too easily with Brianna and it kept me praying for a HEA.
  • Really boring

    By Great super duper book!!!
    The synopsis sounded great, but the results sucked. The characters were so shallow and there wasn’t really a plot. There was no real resolution either. Really lacking in this book.
  • So good

    By Agkds
    Thoroughly enjoyed it
  • Into the flames

    By Angel4jc
    The story line is good. This should have a “Mature” rating. I had to skip the graphic sex scenes. I don’t need to read all that crap.
  • Into the Flames

    By PattiA810
    This is a fantastic story! Brianna, Jupiter's Point landscape designer is absolutely adorable. Her clumsy, awkward and "ordinary" way is so sweetly complimented by Rollo's tough, rough mountain-man hotshot persona. Their story is sweet, tender, electric and has you hoping for a HEA even when their social status is a big bump in the road. The other residents of Jupiter Point play important roles in this book as well. You catch up to what is going on with everyone especially, ninety year old Old Man Turner. Brianna's friendship with him gives her some much need solace when things go haywire around her, until he goes missing and a strange man is in garden shed. In this book, you are introduced the Rollington Wareham the Third's family and his NYC life. It is a life that he doesn't want but can not deny his responsibility to them, the family company and his past mistakes. His younger sister, Sydney stirs up trouble as she also pushes back against the family. Brianna sees that the fourteen year old girl is troubled and befriends her during her unauthorized visit to Jupiter Point. This story tugs on you on your heartstrings with many of the characters so be prepared. I consider this book a must read!
  • Up in Flames

    By TR / Blonde Betty
    Sometimes the me we want to be is not the me we were born to be. Such is the case with Rollo “Ironman” Wareham, or more accurately Rollington Wareham III. To the Jupiter Point Hotshot crew he is one of them. To his wealthy New York family he’s the black sheep that refuses to toe the family line. Brianna Gallagher is much more at home with her garden than she is with people. Despite being “set up” by several members of the Jupiter Point community, she and Rollo are just friends, right? Things change in an instant when he kisses her. Suddenly their uncomplicated friendship is far more complicated. As Rollo tries to navigate the world of expectations, Brianna is his port in the storm. With the support of each other, Bri and Rollo break free of the bonds they’ve created for themselves and figure out how to be the me they were meant to be while still meeting the expectations of those around them. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this novel.
  • Enjoyable read

    By beckera_ann
    The third book in the Jupiter Point series follows Rollo and Brianna. Both are interested in other people, and while they try to help the other gain the attention of their respective crush, they start to fall for each other. I enjoyed the banter between these two, and how they were friends first before they were anything else. I recommend this book, and can't wait for what's next in the series.
  • Hot Firefighter Loves Pixie

    By Agent$$$$
    Wow! Amazing! I absolutely LOVED the way Jennifer Bernard envisioned this novel. I felt as though I was actually "in" the novel at times. I see a lot of Bri in myself. She's funny, quirky, strong-willed, a hard worker, and ALWAYS the friend. But Bri is also very insecure. She wants her HEA, just like her two best friends. So she sets her sights on Finn. Rollo, a hotshot and friend to Bri, informs Bri that he has a crush on Merry. So Bri and Rollo hatch a plan "guaranteed" to get their crushes to date them. What they don't expect, is the jealousy they experience when they are out camping together. Rollo doesn't like Bri's flirting with Finn and does everything he can to avoid confronting his feelings. When Bri's life is threatened, all bets are off! One kiss leads to another that eventually leads to a fling--with an expiration date. Rollo is a millionaire with obligations. He loves the thrill of being a hotshot, but promised his family he would devote his life to the family business after he turned thirty. He's tried avoiding his family obligations because he's NOT a suit kind of guy. When he learns his sister has run away to him, he has no choice but to face his family. This novel has soooo many parts that come into play that it keeps you engaged! There's suspense, romance, teen troubles, family obligations, and more. I loved Bri's sass and vulnerability. She rambles when she's nervous, she's pixie-like in her appearance, but sexy at the same time. She's easy to commensurate with because we've all felt we weren't "good enough" or worthy of love, happiness. I LOVED how patient, kind, and supportive Rollo was of Bri. I could easily picture a big, teddy bear of a man engulfing Bri with his love. I highly recommend this novel! It is the third in the series, but can be read as a stand alone without feeling lost. I read a gifted copy and all opinions expressed are my own.