The Cinderella Arrangement - Vanessa Waltz

The Cinderella Arrangement

By Vanessa Waltz

  • Release Date: 2017-11-12
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4
From 193 Ratings


Fake Cinderella. Real Romance.

Luke Pardini is many things: playboy, tabloid fodder, ridiculously attractive billionaire. He’s the Prince Charming every woman dreams of. 

And he wants me to be his fake girlfriend.

I don't want a relationship, even a make-believe one, but I do need the money. Writing isn't paying the bills, and I hardly have time for a second job, let alone a romance. But he's offering me a dream-come true.

I'll get the fancy dresses, the formal dinners, the full Luke Pardini experience. I get to be Cinderella for a few weeks, then I'll trade in the shoes. No problem, right?

Except I don’t have to pretend when he touches me, but he’s made it clear I only get to play his girlfriend for a few weeks. When midnight strikes, our Cinderella Arrangement is over.

He promised the arrangement would be simple. 

I promised I wouldn’t fall in love.

Author's Note: The Cinderella Arrangement was previously published as Break and Crash. The books have been re-edited and some elements of the story changed. Both stories are standalone novels with HEAs.


  • Story has potential

    By Kimbo1216
    But poor execution. I just couldn’t get into. I skimmed most of it. I didn’t care to go onto the second book that was included in this. First person narration is not my favorite, but I felt the choice made this story even more awkward. It had no flow and lacked development. And little things like the use of “anyways” by a character with a BA in English rubbed me the wrong way. With some editing and development, this would be much better.
  • The Cinderella Arrangement

    By mfrye4
    A modern day fun read of a Cinderella story where life happens and responsibilities get in the way.....and sometimes actually work out.
  • Really loved this book, especially the bonus story

    By RedBCKC
    I really loved everything about this story. I enjoyed the characters and the story line, then getting the bonus book was soooo wonderful! Highly recommended
  • Cute story, but very simple writing

    By Buffywnabe
    Cute story. Very simple writing, but easy to read and made you want to keep going. The reason the ebook was over so soon is because the sequel is attached to the same thing! Honestly I ended up a bit disappointed with this one. It definitely started out pretty well, and I liked the idea behind it, but there was just something about the hero that I didn't like, or rather he just didn't quite win me over. I did enjoy it though, it was a quick read, and one that I kept going and had trouble stopping when I had to go back to work because it kept you wanting to know how certain things would be handled.
  • Cute book

    By brianne0741
    This was a cute book but was similar to books I have read in the past in regards to the plot line. Guy hires a girl to be his girlfriend for a time and you know the rest of this story. Although there were several twists in the book and everyone loves a cute romance, right? A lot of grammatical errors and in parts of the book it was tough to continue reading. Overall, I would read the book again (if I was not paying for it), but I would not purchase the book. I read the book through Kindle Unlimited and am happy that I do not actually own the book.
  • Fun take on a familiar story

    By MissMickeyluvsyu
    A quick but very enjoyable read. I've always been a fan of the Cinderella story and this was a wonderful take on it. You'll be hooked quickly and enjoy the story and characters.
  • A great twist to a classic tale

    By Sargefam
    The Cinderella Arrangement is a double book with two stand tales of love. The first you meet Jessica who is out of options for work, she has no money for rent or food. She stubbles onto a site that sets women up with dates with rich Billionaires that pay for all expenses just for being a little arm candy. That is where she meets Luke Pardini. Luke is looking for a girlfriend so that he can keep is father’s inheritance. The second book you learn a little more about Natalie and her run in with Will at a party. Natalie is a Graphic Designer who just lost her job. She is in the search for something new and gets a contract for some design work for Will looking at bed and breakfast inns in Europe. I give this book a Five Stars. The character development is well done and leaves enough to the imagination. We are hinted at Jessica’s trouble past without going into too much detail. Both stories are fast paced and makes you want more. The steam factor sits at a sold Five Stars. The interaction between the characters is can be quick and passionate, but also loving and hot. I was gifted this book from Jessica Waltz and I cannot wait to read more from her this year.
  • Short but Sweet!

    By daveemg
    I love how this one is not your typical Cinderella kind of story. I enjoyed this book so much and I like how it was written with right amount of emotions. Luke and Jessica complimented each other from the beginning. Their chemistry is just off the charts. It started as a paid arrangement, but Jessica being so naive and innocent, genuinely fell in love and cared for Luke. The real person and not the one with a huge bank account! Love Jessica's character. Luke is your typical playboy, rich guy but with Jessica, he was the sweetest. Overall, I enjoyed this book...short but sweet! Giving it 4.5 stars!
  • Adorable

    By KarinBluvs
    This is a charming twist on a old favorite. Luke is a cocky playboy who needs a fake girlfriend asap to fulfill his fathers demands or else he won't get his inheritance. Jessica is a down on her luck college grad who is Luke's polar opposite. Together they come to a mutually beneficial agreement that will work in both of there favors. Lukes behavior at times really got on my nerves cause I thought he was inappropriate but Jessica was just so sweet and kind. I was gifted a copy of this book for a honest review
  • A Twist to a Classic Fairytale

    By SexyGirl2189
    I loved The Cinderella Arrangement! The guys weren't your usual Prince Charming, but it added a different feel to the story. They weren't Vanessa's usual dark romance. They were lighter but, that didn't make them any less enjoyable!