Angkor Wat Temple - Anton Swanepoel

Angkor Wat Temple

By Anton Swanepoel

  • Release Date: 2015-12-21
  • Genre: Travel & Adventure


Discover The Amazing Angkor Wat Temple With 37 Images
Get an introductory to this magnificent temple and know what to expect on your Angkor Wat visit.

The jungle floor gives way to your every step, as you plunge deeper into the overgrowth. A path, worn rough by thousands before you, guides you to a place of untold mystique and beauty. Light breaks through a dense thatch of leaves ahead, marking your final destination -- Angkor Wat.

The world’s largest religious monument stands before you, a temple of unfathomable mystery and history. A sense of reverence and awe embraces the many travelers who come to Cambodia each year. This magnificent temple is the nation's symbol, embellishing their flag, and rallying their age-old devotions to family and culture.

In This Book You Will Discover:
-37 Images of the magnificent Angkor Wat Temple
-A Short introduction to get you familiar with the temple
-Pertinent facts about Angkor Wat

If you are planning on visiting Angkor Wat, This Book Is For You

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