Into Africa! - John Homersley

Into Africa!

By John Homersley

  • Release Date: 2015-06-17
  • Genre: Travel & Adventure


“A must read for anyone thinking of living in Cape Town, buying a holiday home there, taking a job… or just visiting. It’s what you really, really need to know!”

Accepting a job in Cape Town and taking my family to live in South Africa was the biggest decision of my life.

Moving from a comfortable life in the UK to a different city on another continent was thought by many to be mad. But if nothing changes then everything stays the same. And the same just wasn’t good enough any more.

Cape Town looks and feels like a European city, but it soon became clear it’s far from that.

This is the story of how we fared in that new life; bitter-sweet, funny, and an eye-opener for anyone who is thinking of travelling to Cape Town, or living there.

It’s not Europe.

“Once I started to read this fascinating tale of a family adapting to a completely new life in Africa, I couldn’t put it down. 5-stars!”