Wanna Get Lucky? - Deborah Coonts

Wanna Get Lucky?

By Deborah Coonts

  • Release Date: 2015-06-13
  • Genre: Women Sleuths
Score: 4.5
From 589 Ratings


"Evanovich...with a dash of CSI." - Publishers Weekly (review of Lucky Stiff)

Everyone Has a Hidden Talent

For Lucky O'Toole it's murder...solving it.

Surviving in Sin City takes cunning, a pair of five-inch heels, and a wiseass attitude. Lucky has mastered them all and has a pair of legs she uses to kick butt and turn heads.

As the Chief Problem Solver for the Babylon, Las Vegas's most over-the-top destination, mischief is in her job description.

She's good at her job.

She's less good at life. But who has time for a life when there's a killer on the loose?


A woman falls from a tour helicopter to the horror of the 8:30 Pirate show crowd.

Was it suicide? An accident? Could she have been pushed?

Lucky's day began with the invasion of the Adult Video Awards and Trade show convention.

It got more hectic when the spouse-swapping annual event checked in.

And if adding a body to the mix wasn't enough, Lucky's got a new suitor. Her best friend, Teddie, a female impersonator who is pressing to take their relationship to the next level.

Can she really date a man who looks better in a dress?

What happened to the woman over the pirate show?

Will her sleuthing skills catch the killer and save her job?

Pick up a copy now and start your adventure.


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Why did you decide to write humor? 

I'm not sure I decided to add snark to the Lucky, books, specifically to Lucky's own voice, it just happened that way. When I was a kid, my mouth always got me into trouble. Finally, I've found a way to harness the sarcasm for the Forces of Good--or at least in a way not to anger my grandmother. And when Lucky started talking to me, she had a strong dose of sass in her.

The Lucky O'Toole Vegas Adventure series is hard to categorize. Is that by design? 

When I set out to write Wanna Get Lucky?, I knew I wanted to write a romp through Las Vegas. I had the characters and the setting but no real understanding of narrative drive. So, I threw a young woman out of a tour helicopter into the middle of the Pirate Show and let the story unfold. A bit of murder to keep the plot moving, some wisecracking and Vegas mischief to make you laugh, and some romance to keep it interesting. A bit of a mash up, but it works.

PRAISE FOR Wanna Get Lucky?

"Evanovich...with a dash of CSI." - Publishers Weekly (review of Lucky Stiff) 

"As the first in a series, Wanna Get Lucky? hits the proverbial jackpot." - Booklist

"When it comes to the crunch (something for a sullen teenager, hostile neighbor, unbearably saintly mother-in-law), the secret is to make them laugh. Deborah Coonts's WANNA GET LUCKY? (Forge/Tom Doherty, $24.99), set at the 'most over-the-top mega casino/resort on the Las Vegas Strip,' entrusts the sleuthing to a brainy beauty who sees the lighter side of human folly." - Marilyn Stassio, New York Times Book Review, choosing Wanna Get Lucky? As a Notable Crime Novel for 2010

"Deliciously raunchy, with humorous takes on sexual proclivities, Vegas glitz and love, though Agatha Christie is probably spinning in her grave." - Kirkus Reviews

"Wanna Get Lucky? is a winner on every level. Deborah Coonts has crafted a first-class murder mystery coupled with a touching and unexpected love story. Against a flawlessly-rendered Las Vegas backdrop, Lucky's story is funny, fast-paced, exuberant and brilliantly realized." - Susan Wiggs, #1 New York Times bestselling author

"Get ready to win big--with a novel that will keep you glued to the pages all the way to the end. Wanna Get Lucky? is as entertaining as the city in which it's set."- Brenda Novak, New York Times & USA Today bestselling author

"More fun than a winning streak in Vegas." - Diane Mott Davidson, New York Times bestselling author

"Wanna Get Lucky? goes down faster than an ice-cold Bombay martini--very dry, of course, and with a twist." - Douglas Preston, New York Times bestselling author

"Wanna Get Lucky? is an amazing debut novel, a mile-a-minute read, with fantastic characters, dry wit, and the gritty neon feel of Las Vegas. Bravo to Deborah Coonts--I see a great future ahead." - Heather Graham, New York Times bestselling author

"Wanna Get Lucky? sizzles. It beguiles and surprises. It's belly-laugh funny. Add in unforgettable characters, crimes to die for, the ka-ching of high-stakes casinos, and Laura Ashley-decorated bordellos, and you have a read that's utterly irresistible from first page to last. Watch out, Janet Evanovich. The new hot number is Deborah Coonts." - Gayle Lynds, New York Times bestselling author


  • Readergirl43

    By Coin lady
    I’ve read each book in the series, loved all of them each book made me eager to find out what happens next! Lucky is a strong woman who always takes charge and gets things done regardless of her inner turmoil.
  • Lucky

    By tshjsh
    I am so happy to find a heroine that is strong, not wishy-washy, or self-degrading, or pushing others away trying to convince herself that's what she wants. Lucky at least looks at herself truthfully. Don't worry I know she's just a character in a book. It's just nice to read about someone like that. I have alot of catching up to do! Thank you!!
  • Better than I anticipated

    By Gghjjj,loom,
    This book was a much better read than I anticipated. It was quick moving, interesting & funny. Loved Lucky’s mom. Quite the character. Looking forward to her other books.
  • Good book

    By Sami Jo_Mabel_050107
    Very Interesting
  • Good story!

    By MikeO65
    It was a good story with many turns to the end and Luckies solution to the crime. Great descriptions of the interiors of The Babylon. To much to do with the porno stars etc., but other than that a good yarn.
  • Lucky Me!

    By Sprouts mom
    Deborah Coonts does not disappoint. I started the series because it was set in Las Vegas . I was hesitant to follow Lucky to Paris, but Coonts’ writing style has captured my intellect as well as my heart. A must read for Lucky fans and a great addition to the series. Thanks Deborah!
  • Couldn't put the series down!

    By Ab380j
    I loved the Lucky O'Toole series. I'm so sad I read through them all so quickly. All the characters are likable and the stories written so well!! Found a new great author! ! I hope more books are to come. I'll miss Lucky and her friends!
  • Lucky

    By Kenlouky
    Very entertaining read
  • Lucky O’Toole

    By Time travel historical fiction
    I love to visit Vegas - so started to read the series as it “seemed a book I would like “ and was set in Vegas. I was right! I loved book one enough that a few months later am now in book 8. Like the characters, the little side stories, and the mystery solving - not too serious and totally enjoyable!!
  • Wanna Get Lucky

    By bflogrl811
    Could not put is down and I’m not a reader. Great story line, help my interest.